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Born 1968 in Gothenburg, SWEDEN / Works south of Munich, GERMANY

Mostly I observe the world around me like through a camera, with a great passion for details, atmospheres and contrasts. To take a peek behind all obviousness in nature, people and everyday situations, trying to capture and to visualize the essence of things, is what actually fascinates and inspires me.

Usually I bring out quite dynamic and colorful works, other days I keep it straight and simple. I use – and mix – acrylics, watercolors, different kinds of pens, crayons, nail polish, powder… and sometimes also include simple print, collage and embroidery techniques.

I work close to and almost in the colors, the canvas and the paper – step by step, layer by layer – by using the paintbrush but also by rolling, scraping, rubbing and even dotting with my bare fingertips. If possible, I try to form the materials into some kind of three-dimensionality.

These often repetitive and monotonous working processes are quite intense and yet very meditative. Closing the studio door after a productive day fills me with satisfaction, and a strong feeling of meaningfulness, which can hopefully also be sensed by the viewer.